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Giantpole & Tripole

Mobile, stable and robust are the features of Giantpole & Tripole.

The systems are most suitable for outdoor display such as sporting ot cultural events, fairs etc.


The height of the pole can be adjusted up to 5.4m ( Giantpole ) and 4m ( Tripole ). The plastic base can be filled with water or sand and when filled the system withstand wind spped uo to 50km/h.


Standard size - Giantpole

a. pole length adjusted from 1.6 - 5.4m
b. base size : 800 x 800 x 200Hmm
c. flag size : 1100 x 3300Hmm ( standard )



Standard size - Tripole
a. pole length adjusted from 1.5 - 4m
b. base size : 650 x 650 x 200Hmm
c. flag size : 800 x 2400Hmm ( standard )