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Lacet is a multifunctional, modular panel system. It's unique feature is the connector element, with which panels can be constructed together at any angle between 0 to 360 degree.


a. panel are linked by connector only
b. no tool is required to install
c. limitless configuration 
    - V / W / Y / X 
    - triangular, square, rectangular etc 


Standard size
a. 1m x 2.5mH
b. 1m x 2mH
c. 1m x 1mH
d. 0.8m x 1mH
other size available


Frame color
a. light grey
b. black


Surface finish
a. Velcro fabric
b. Formica



Panels on rental basis
a. size : 1m x 2mH
b. surface finish -
    two side Velcro fabric in grey 





he most user friendly panel system